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I remember when I went to Hong Kong for the first time, I used to stare at

others’ watches because of my professional habit. All the way down, can not

help but sigh that Hong Kong people are really rich, in China we common is

nothing more than Casio, Tissot this kind of watches. In the streets of Hong

Kong, luxury watches like Audemars Piguest , Omega and IWC, which are in the eyes of

ordinary people, can be seen everywhere, especially Rolex watches. Basically,

at least three or four watches can be seen on a street.
I took a taxi to a friend, but the taxi driver was also wearing a Rolex watch, so we started talking about it in the car. The driver said that they are Hong Kong people are very important to watch, many of them from childhood

to develop the habit of wearing a watch. If you don’t wear a watch when

interviewing for a job here, you will give the boss the impression that you

don’t care about time, which will have a very low pass rate. Many young

people in Hong Kong save up to buy a Rolex as soon as they graduate, both as

a way to keep track of the time and to boost their self-worth.
As for why so many watch brands why rolex preference? Master said Hong Kong

people are more face-saving, up to the company manager down to the taxi

driver like to wear Rolex. They often say that they don’t even have a Rolex

watch, so they are embarrassed to say hello to people when they meet. The

rolex they bought is also because their friends around them are wearing

labor, and they can’t afford gold labor and diamond labor. They can also buy

a low-end air bully. It’s a Rolex, too, so it doesn’t look low. Besides, Hong

Kong is the most expensive place to eat and live, so buying a Rolex watch is

really not expensive, even if it is to save food and drink to buy one. But

Lao is really stable, accurate travel time, basically no late maintenance

costs, the most critical value.
The master also said that not all Rolex watches in Hong Kong are popular,

business people to buy Rolex is very taboo to buy platinum Rolex, so-called

nothing comes of labour, sounds unlucky. So platinum’s log Rolexes are rare.

There is the blue side of the Rolex, blue Lao fishing, this implication is

not auspicious. Gold and diamond watches are the most popular in Hong Kong,

where feng shui traditions are deeply believed. In Cantonese, rolex’s gold

and diamond watch represents “gold and diamond, into and earn.”

In fact, not only Hong Kong people, mainland Chinese are also very dedicated to Rolex,

like my parents, they don’t know anything about Patek Philippe, Richard

Miller, in their mind Rolex is the most expensive watch.

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