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Every May, because of bearing the thick love of mother’s Day and full of warm atmosphere. A mother’s love is always the best gift bearing life time. You may not be there for your mother at many important moments, and you may not be there every Mother’s Day, but that precious love never stops. When the home of the mother, think of you, two places apart, how to place deep maternal love and acacia?
The Jaeger Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin Duetto Duo reversible watch combines the dual time zone function with a reversible dial. With a simple flip motion, you can know the time of your family in the time zone of your home country. Time and space are no longer separated, and there is more connection between each other.
In 1997, In a wave of innovation, Jaeger unveiled the Duetto concept, which led to the creation of two women’s watches in one — with a single movement, the case can be flipped freely, allowing the busy day to wind down and the night to take over. The Reverso is not only a versatile solution for every occasion, but also a combination of two very different personalities — social by day, radiant with makeup; At night, its gorgeous face seemed to slow down the pace of time. Two dials, two faces, and just one movement.
Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin Duetto Duo large Thin women’s double flip watches designed dual time zone designed to win the favor women can flip case, adopt the slightly curved contour lines. The ultra-thin 8.87mm case is extremely elegant, with beautiful dual dials. The second time zone on the back shows just a 12-digit clock circle and a powerful streak of light that seems to extend the clock into the inside of the clock. The effect of this light is gorgeous, while making time reading more accurate and clear. Jaeger spent years developing a new case for the Grande Reverso Lady watch for maximum comfort, knowing that most Reverso enthusiasts like to wear their watches with them wherever they go.
Jaeger Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin Duetto Duo large Thin women’s double double flip wrist watch zones, for women, deduce their craftsmanship and perfect fusion will elegant appearance. In loving May this watch is dedicated to Mother’s Day, as a sincere response to the most selfless maternal love.

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