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How to Use Uber Tax Summary to File Your Taxes with TurboTax

As a rideshare driver, you are responsible for keeping accurate records of your taxes. This includes understanding what your Uber Tax Summary is and how to enter it into TurboTax. This guide will cover the basics of Uber summaries and how to enter this information in TurboTax.

What is an Uber Tax Summary?

Uber Tax Summary is an annual record of your income and expenses as a rideshare driver. This document shows your total income, expenses, and net income for the year. It also provides information on each trip you took, including the date, fare, and mileage. This document is important to keep because it helps you accurately calculate your tax liability.

How to Download Your Uber Tax Summary

The first step in understanding and entering your Uber Tax Summary into TurboTax is to download it from the Uber app. To do this, open the Uber app and select Taxes from the menu. Then, select Tax Summary and choose the year for which you want to download the summary. Once you have the summary downloaded, youre ready to enter it into TurboTax.

How to Enter Your Uber Tax Summary Into TurboTax

Now that you have your Uber Tax Summary, you can enter the information into TurboTax. To start, open TurboTax and select the Self-Employment tab. Then, select the Business Income and Expenses option and enter your Uber information. Enter your income and expenses, as reported on your Uber Tax Summary.

Once you have entered your income and expenses, TurboTax will calculate your total tax liability. This will include any applicable deductions or credits you are eligible for, as well as any taxes you owe.


Using your Uber Tax Summary to file your taxes with TurboTax is a great way to stay organized and ensure accuracy. With this guide, you should now have a better understanding of your Uber Tax Summary and how to enter this information into TurboTax. If you need any additional help, be sure to consult the TurboTax website or contact their customer service line

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