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How to Mail a Tax Return to the IRS

Filing taxes can be a stressful experience for many people, and its important that the proper steps are taken to ensure the IRS receives your return and any accompanying payment. Whether youre e-filing or using snail mail, there are several steps you should take before sending off your tax documents to the IRS. Heres a guide to help you through the process.

Choosing Your Method of Filing

The first step to take is to decide if youll be filing your taxes electronically or through the mail. Electronic filing has become increasingly popular in recent years, as its more secure and often yields a faster refund. You can e-file through the IRSs website or through a number of other tax-preparation software programs.

If youd prefer to use snail mail, you should make sure youve got all of the necessary forms and documents in order prior to sending them off. Certain forms and documents, such as the W-2, must be sent to the IRS when filing via mail.

Gathering the Necessary Documents

Once youve decided to mail your tax return, youll need to make sure you have all the necessary documents. This will include the forms and documents you used to prepare your return, as well as any other documents or forms the IRS requires.

You should also make sure that your return is completely filled out and accurate before you submit it. Double-check to make sure all your information is correct and that it matches exactly whats on your W-2 or other forms.

Preparing the Tax Return for Mailing

Once youve gathered all of your documents, its time to get them ready to send to the IRS. Make sure your return is done correctly and that its signed and dated. You should also include any payment thats due along with your return.

If youre sending a check for payment, be sure to make it out to the United States Treasury and include your Social Security number on the memo line. Its also important to keep a copy of your return and any accompanying documents for your records.

Choosing the Right Envelope

When mailing your tax return, its important to use the right envelope. Your return should be sent in a large envelope thats big enough to fit all of your forms and documents. Its also important to make sure the envelope is sturdy and securely sealed.

Its also a good idea to include your name and address on the envelope, as this will make it easier for the IRS to contact you if they have any questions. You should also write Tax Return/Documents Enclosed on the outside of the envelope.

Mailing Your Tax Return

Once youve got your return and documents in the envelope and sealed, youre ready to mail it off. You can either go to the post office or mail it from your home. If youre mailing your return from home, make sure youve got the right postage.

You should also consider using certified mail, as this will ensure that your return is delivered safely and securely. You should also keep the tracking number and a copy of the certified mail receipt for your records.


Mailing your tax return to the IRS doesnt have to be a stressful experience. By taking the necessary steps and following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your return is sent off safely and securely. Good luck

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