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How to Keep in Touch Professionally: A Guide

Staying in touch with colleagues, clients, and other contacts is an important part of professional success. Whether youre looking to network, find a new job, or simply maintain relationships, establishing and maintaining a relationship with the right people can be invaluable. Here is a guide to help you stay in touch professionally.

Set realistic goals. Before you begin, determine what you want to get out of maintaining contact with your contacts. Are you looking to establish a new relationship, strengthen an existing one, or simply keep someone in your network? Setting realistic goals will help you to stay focused, as well as give you something to work towards.

Make contact regularly. Whether youre sending an email, making a phone call, or meeting in person, its important to stay in touch with your contacts. You dont have to contact them every day, but you should be consistent. Try to set a schedule or timeline for when you will reach out and make sure you stick to it.

Be professional. When youre interacting with contacts, always maintain a professional demeanor. This means avoiding personal matters and keeping conversations focused on the topics at hand. You should also use appropriate language and avoid any jokes or sarcasm.

Show appreciation. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated. Whether its a thank you email or a kind comment, its important to show people that you appreciate their help, advice, and support.

Make yourself available. If youre looking to network, make sure youre available to meet with people when they need you. Whether its for coffee or a meeting, make yourself available to answer any questions and provide any help.

Follow up. Its important to follow up on any conversations youve had with contacts. This can be a simple How did that meeting go?u201d or Did you get the report I sent you?u201d It shows that youre engaged and interested in the conversation, and you care about the outcome.

Be genuine. When youre communicating with contacts, be genuine. Dont be afraid to let your personality show, and dont be afraid to ask questions. People appreciate when youre genuinely interested in them and their work.

Be deliberate. Dont just reach out randomly or send generic emails. Make an effort to research the person youre trying to reach out to, and make sure you have something specific to say. This shows that youre making an effort to stay in touch and that you care about maintaining the relationship.

Offer help. Dont just ask for help; offer it. Whether its introducing them to someone in your network or providing advice on a project, offering help shows that youre invested in the relationship and that youre willing to help.

Send something personalized. Its nice to receive a generic email, but its even nicer to receive something personalized. Whether its a small gift or a handwritten note, adding a personal touch will really show your contacts that you care.

Staying in touch professionally is an important part of success. By following the tips outlined above, youll be able to maintain strong relationships with your contacts, network more effectively, and make a lasting impression

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