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How to Become a Knight in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was a period of great social and political change in Europe, and it was also a time when becoming a knight was one of the most prestigious and sought-after roles that a man could hold. Becoming a knight was a long and arduous process, and only those who were brave, honorable, and skilled at arms were able to succeed. This guide will explain the steps necessary for a man to become a knight in the Middle Ages, and will provide some insight into the rewards and challenges that came with such an esteemed title.

The first step to becoming a knight in the Middle Ages was to be born into a noble family. This was far from a guarantee, as many families were not wealthy or powerful enough to make their children eligible for knighthood. Those who were born into wealthy, influential families had the best chance of achieving knighthood, as they would have the resources to start their journey.

The next step to becoming a knight was to serve as a page. During this period, boys were usually between the ages of seven and fourteen, and they were sent to live with a noble family in order to learn the skills that they needed to become a knight. These skills included things like horsemanship, martial arts, and chivalry. Boys were expected to remain with their masters for four or five years, and once they had completed their education, they were ready to move on to the next stage.

Once the page had completed his training, he could then become a squire. Squires were expected to serve their masters for at least three years, and during this time they would learn even more about the skills that would be necessary to become a knight. They also had to prove their loyalty and bravery in battle, as well as displaying a sense of honor and chivalry.

The final step to becoming a knight was for the squire to be knighted by a nobleman. This usually took place in an elaborate ceremony, and the squire would be given a sword and a shield to signify his new status. Once they had been knighted, they were expected to uphold the code of chivalry, and they were also expected to serve their lord faithfully.

Becoming a knight in the Middle Ages was a long and difficult process, and only a select few were able to achieve it. Those who did were rewarded with great prestige and honor, and they were expected to live up to the high standards that were set forth by their peers. Becoming a knight was a great honor and a privilege, and it is one that is still celebrated and respected today

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