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How to Become a Certified Internal Auditor

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation is one of the most respected certifications in the field of accounting and auditing. As a CIA, youll have access to many high-level opportunities in the field, including working as an auditor in a public accounting firm, a government agency, or a corporate internal audit department. To become a CIA, youll need to understand the requirements and complete a few steps.

Step 1: Review the Requirements

Before you can become a Certified Internal Auditor, youll need to meet a few requirements. First, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) requires that you have a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university, or equivalent work experience. Youll also need to have two or more years of professional experience in internal auditing, accounting, finance, or a related field.

Step 2: Prepare for the Exam

Once youve determined that you meet the requirements, the next step is to prepare for the CIA exam. The exam consists of three parts, which you must pass within a four-year period. The IIA provides a variety of study materials to help you prepare, including practice tests and online learning modules. To ensure your success, you should also consider enrolling in an IIA-approved review course or taking an online class.

Step 3: Register for the Exam

The next step is to register for the exam. You can do this through the IIAs online registration system. When registering, youll need to provide the information requested, including your name, address, and the date of your exam. Youll also need to pay a fee for the exam.

Step 4: Take the Exam

Once youve registered for the exam, youll be given a date and time to take the exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is typically administered in a computer-based format. Youll have four hours to complete the exam, so its important to be well-prepared and arrive at the testing center early.

Step 5: Become Certified

Once youve passed all three parts of the exam, youll be eligible for certification. To become a Certified Internal Auditor, youll need to submit an application to the IIA. The application will require you to provide information about your education, work experience, and exam scores. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, youll receive your certification from the IIA.

Step 6: Maintain Certification

In order to maintain your certification, youll need to fulfill certain requirements. The IIA requires that you participate in continuing education activities, such as attending seminars and conferences. Youll also need to complete a certain number of annual professional development hours.

Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor is a great way to advance your career in the field of accounting and auditing. Its important to thoroughly understand the requirements and be prepared for the exam. With hard work and dedication, you can become a Certified Internal Auditor and open up a world of new opportunities in the field

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